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Aboriginal Art
Greg Weatherby Gallery

It is my pleasure to introduce Greg Weatherby’s fine art for the first time officially on the internet, yet his award-winning works are already owned by collectors around the world, see Greg’s Profile. His original creations are part of the oldest artistic tradition on the planet, and are renowned for their exquisite detail and captivating colour.  

Take this special opportunity to invest in one of Australia’s most distinctive artists, who is also available for Private & Corporate commissions.

Welcome and please Contact Us to purchase any of the following:




Fine Art Prints
From Paul Bryden’s Private Collection

Dreamtime Birth

    “Dreamtime Birth”
Size: 51cm x 64cm
Signed & Dated
AUD $900.00
(Includes Air Mail world-wide)

10% of each print sold
will be donated to the
Mutitjulu Aboriginal Community
near Uluru or Ayers Rock
via Voyages Mutitjulu Foundation

“A daring, original work that sets Jesus Christ’s birth in the Central Australian outback. In bold, earthy colours native emus, goannas, kangaroos and Dreamtime Beings pay homage to the new-born child. And millions of stars illuminate the Great Ancestor’s omnipresent hands while presenting the divine gift to Aboriginal Spirit parents near legendary Uluru.”

Technical details: Screen printed by hand with colour separations also done by hand on archival, acid-free “C.M. Fabriano 100/100 Cotton” watermarked paper.

Recently released from Paul Bryden’s Private Collection, only twenty five (25) prints signed, named and dated 1990, are available.  

Dolphin Dreaming

“Dolphin Dreaming”
Size:50cm x 74.5cm
Limited Edition of 200
Signed, Dated & Numbered
AUD $750.00
(Includes Air Mail world-wide)

2008 is...
“International Year of the Reef”
and 10% of each print sold
will be donated to

“Playful bottlenose dolphins and brightly coloured coral fish enjoy their home on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. With exquisite detail the artist celebrates the variety and fragility of this natural treasure, joining millions of people across the world who deeply appreciate its beauty and value to our planet. And like them, he shares the vision to preserve this wonder-filled marine environment for present and future generations.”

Technical details: Printed on Epson Textured Fine Art paper (made exclusively by Crane & Co) after the original was photographed professionally in high resolution. The paper is archival, acid-free and cold press 100% cotton.

Created in 1990 and purchased for Paul Bryden's Private Collection in 1994, Paul is offering this work as a limited edition print to promote 2008 International Year of the Reef and the launch of his website, Boomerangs Down Under.




Fine Art Paintings
All works are acrylic on canvas


“Springtime” – 2007
(65cm x 94cm) Unframed
AUD $3,500.00 (includes delivery)

“After storms have swept across the desert country, vibrant native lilies and hibiscus that are medicinal plants to Aboriginal peoples, display their intrinsic beauty. And the lively, refreshed mood invites butterflies and dragonflies to dance on the air and investigate nature’s newest blooms.”

Green Sea Turtle

 “Green Sea Turtle” – 2006
(62cm x 81cm) Framed
AUD $3,200.00 (includes delivery)

“A mother of the sea secures life for the next generation of her species on a tropical beach in northern Australia. Like mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers, her Green Sea Turtle sisters have been coming ashore for centuries. Finest dots celebrate this precious cycle and symbolise millions of grains of sand.”

Crocodile Hunt

 “Crocodile Hunt” – 2007
 (71cm x 110cm) Framed
   AUD $4,700.00 (includes delivery)

“On the hunt for crocodile eggs a father with fishing spear guides his son who carries an empty dilly bag. Keeping one eye out for cruising crocodiles they wade through warm, northern Australian waters seeking their special food. In harmony with ‘country’, its plants and animals, the Aboriginal men are continuing a tradition of hunting handed down over thousands of years.”





 “Corroboree” – 2007
 Stretched Canvas - Pair
  (40cm x 122cm each)
AUD $4,100.00 (includes delivery)

“Male and female Mimi Spirits are dancing and chanting to bring rain. With strong clap-stick rhythms, traditional songs sweep across parched brown earth. In the world’s driest continent rain dances have been performed many times before, but when will the ancient song-cycle break the long drought?”


Top Floor Gallery
Two exceptional works are available:


The Last Supper"The Last Supper" – 2006 Catalogue:BDU5C
(78cm x 115cm) Framed & Perspex
AUD $22,500.00 (includes delivery)


“Tall and elegant Mimi spirits take the places of Jesus and his disciples at the most famous meal in religious history. Under vast Dreamtime skies this story is dramatically re-interpreted by an artistic culture much, much older. Christianity came to Australia’s Aboriginal peoples in the nineteenth century and its impact was broad and profound. With outstanding originality this fusion of traditions celebrates a momentous occasion.” 



"Crucifixion” – 2006
(85cm x 128cm) Framed & Perspex 
AUD $22,500.00 (includes delivery)

“Intense, outback sky overlooks an earth-shattering event.
In this stunning interpretation, the slender figure of a Mimi spirit in the role of Jesus is nailed to a cross on a desolate hill. Created with breath-taking dot and line techniques the Aboriginal and Christian stories are linked because Aboriginal peoples were also crucified on their journeys. Yet in the heavenly blue Dreamtime, destiny patiently waits." 

  Special Note: Would you like to exclusively commission Greg Weatherby to create “Resurrection”, third painting in this series? Please Contact Us for details.

Boomerang Gallery
Presenting Fine Aboriginal Art on Traditional Boomerangs

Paul Bryden collected these boomerangs during the last twenty years in S.E. Queensland, western N.S.W. and along the Murray River, Victoria. They are one-of-a-kind artefacts cut and shaped from natural ‘elbows’, with beautiful wood grain following the curve in traditional style. Aboriginal boomerangs of this outstanding quality and authenticity are increasingly difficult to find.

Now finely decorated by Greg Weatherby, these rare artefacts are hand-painted individually and highly sought after by collectors. Currently, we have five magnificent ‘boomerang works of art’ available.

Serpent Dreaming
“Serpent Dreaming”
Black Wattle root
76cm or 30 inches tip to tip
Signed:Greg Weatherby
AUD $2,000.00 (incl. delivery)
SOLD - Contact Us to
commission a similar design
X-Ray Kangaroo

 “X-Ray Kangaroo”    
Mulga (acacia aneura) Root
60cm or 23.75 inches tip to tip
Area:Western N.S.W.
Signed:Greg Weatherby
AUD $1,600.00 (incl. delivery)

Kangaroo Landscape

 “Kangaroo Landscape”
Mulga (acacia aneura) Root
60cm or 23.75 inches tip to tip
Area:Western N.S.W.
Signed:Greg Weatherby
AUD $1,600.00 (incl. delivery)

Dolphin Spirit

“Dolphin Spirit”
Black Wattle root
76cm or 30 inches tip to tip
Area:S.E. Queensland
Signed:Greg Weatherby
AUD $2,000.00 (incl. delivery)

Turtle Journey

 “Turtle Journey”
Black Wattle root
76cm or 30 inches tip to tip
Area:S.E. Queensland
Signed:Greg Weatherby
AUD $2,000.00 (incl. delivery)

Brolga Mates

“Brolga Mates”
Black Wattle root
76cm or 30 inches tip to tip
Area:S.E. Queensland
Signed:Greg Weatherby
AUD $2,000.00 (incl. delivery)


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